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  3. Ryan Newman Fails Post-Race Inspection
    by Christopher Olmstead 22m ago Follow @@Whooyouknowit, beyondtheflag.com

    Thus far the chase has been a fairly tale for Ryan Newman and the No. 31 team. Following a 5th place finish at Talladega and a spectacular performance in the second round of the chase, Newman and comp …

  4. Lynching of boy underlines how the curse of caste still blights India
    Jason Burke in Delhi and Manoj Chaurasia in Patna, theguardian.com

    Sai Ram, burned alive because of a stray goat, was just one of 17,000 Dalits to fall victim to caste violence in the state of Bihar

    In another time, another place, Sai Ram might have escaped serious harm. But he died in great pain last week, a…

  5. Pentagon building rapid-response Ebola team

    Gregg Zoroya and John Bacon, USA TODAY, usatoday.com

    The Pentagon will build a 30-person, rapid-response Ebola medical support team to aid civilian health care workers should additional cases of the virus be diagnosed in the U.S., officials said Sunday.

    Th …

  6. Spanish Ebola patient now free of the virus, blood test shows
    By Associated Press, latimes.com

    An initial test shows that a nursing assistant who became infected with Ebola in Spain is now clear of all traces of the virus nearly two weeks after she was hospitalized, authorities said Sunday.

    Teresa Romero Ramos, 44, is the first person kno…

  7. This Ebola Diagram Shows What The Deadly Virus Really Looks Like & How It Works
    Macrina Cooper-White, huffingtonpost.com

    We’re guessing that by now, you’re pretty familiar with this little squiggle. But if you want to know what Ebola really looks like — and how it hijacks cells to wreak havoc inside the human body — you need a detailed diagram of an Ebola…

  8. Type 1 diabetes breakthrough using stem cell research raises hope for cure
    Press Association, theguardian.com

    Experts at Harvard University use stem cells to create insulin-producing beta cells in large quantities, and say human transplantation trials could be under way within a few years

    Scientists believe they have made a major advance in the quest to…

  9. South Carolina Prosecutors Say Stand Your Ground Doesn’t Apply To Victims Of Domestic Violence
    Nicole Flatow, thinkprogress.org

    CREDIT: ShutterstockSouth Carolina is one of more than 20 states that has passed an expansive Stand Your Ground law authorizing individuals to use deadly force in self-defense. The law has been used to protect a man who killed an innocent bystande…

  10. Ebola ‘czar’ named by White House
    By Tribune wire report, chicagotribune.com

    President Obama on Friday tapped longtime Democratic operative Ron Klain to coordinate the federal government’s response to the threat of widespread infection from the Ebola virus. The move came as the president and his administration faced mounti…

  11. 800 on flights linked to nurse contacted
    By Jason Hanna and Greg Botelho, CNN, cnn.com

    Concerns about even remote chances of Ebola exposure rippled Friday from a U.S. airline to a cruise ship off Belize, with Frontier contacting hundreds who flew with an infected nurse and Carnival quarantining a health worker only tangentially link…

  12. What if Lots of People Have Ebola-Proof Blood?
    By Maggie Fox, nbcnews.com

    As Ebola spreads out of control in West Africa, the World Health Organization reports a black market in blood from Ebola survivors. The epidemic is killing up to 70 percent of those who get sick, but the thousands who have survived have blood teem…

  13. Blame the victim? Federal officials rile health care workers with Ebola claims

    WASHINGTON – While federal and local officials rethink their Ebola containment strategy, they’ve also riled front-line health care workers by repeatedly pointing the finger at nurses as new infections surface.

    Most recently, federal sources even…

  14. Life in Quarantine for Ebola Exposure: 21 Days of Fear and Loathing

    DALLAS — The refrigerator in Youngor Jallah’s small apartment broke down last week, and it did not take long for the stench of rotting food to grow unbearable. But when she reported the problem to the front office, the complex’s manager said that …